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Interpretation of Wireless Trace Format on NS-2

January 9, 2011

A few week ago, I was stuck with my perl script to do post-simulation using NS-2. I though I need to understand the trace format. After read the ns-Manual and some literature, so, here is interpretation of NS-2 trace format for wireless simulation.

  • To find the interpretation of all possible trace format when you do the
    wireless simulation, you’d better read the code of ns2 in file ns2home/trace/cmu-trace{.h, .cc}Mostly, the format would be as
  • New Wireless & AODV Trace Formats

    December 30, 2010

    New Wireless Trace Formats

    This information comes from “The ns Manual” ( “Mobile Networking in ns: Revised format for wireless traces” chapter, and the “trace/” file. Similar to the old format, in the new format wireless traces begin with one of four characters. This is followed by flag/value pairs similar to NAM traces. The first letter of flags with two letters designates the flag type: