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February 2, 2012

Beberapa hari lalu saya mendapat email dari salah seorang teman saya. Inti isi email tersebut adalah ajakan untuk bergabung pada sebuah situs jejaring sosial yang belum ‘launch’. Situs itu bernama  (more…)

Sharing Internet Connection using ppp0

August 20, 2011

I have a usb modem with internet connection. And I need to share its connection to my PC Desktop. So, here is my experiment howto share internet connection via ppp0.

My laptop is using Ubuntu 11.04 with 2 connections: ppp0 and Eth0. My PC Desktop is connected to my laptop using cross-cable with Eth0. I use static IP address for both Eth0.
To share ppp0 connection, I just need install ‘firestarter’ in my laptop.

~$ sudo apt-get install firestarter

Then configure ‘firestarter’ to select the device which connected to internet and enabled the internet connection sharing.