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Development of a New Routing Protocol by using Multi-objective and Swarm Intelligent Approaches for Wireless Sensor Network on Maritime Environment Monitoring

December 1, 2017

This is the abstract for my International Research Collaboration and Scientific Publication with two French Institutions as international collaborators.

As the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia has great potential to be the world’s maritime axis. The maritime axis is a strategic idea which embodied to ensure inter-island connectivity, shipping and fishery industries development, marine transportation improvement and focus on maritime security. So maritime monitoring is crucial in order to prevent sea pollution, fish theft, sovereignty offenses, territorial disputes, and piracy. Nowadays, maritime monitoring has been a very interesting issue over the last decade. With the rapid advancement of technology and the Internet, sensor network technology has become very important in monitoring the aquatic environment. Maritime responsibilities, such as vigilance and patrolling, wildlife  monitoring, and aqua-culture inspection, mostly require large operational teams and expensive equipment. In this research proposal, we will study a scalable robotics system based on swarm intelligence. We take advantage of bio-inspired artificial evolution approaches in order to synthesize scalable and robust collective behaviors for the nodes or the drones. In this research proposal, we will study and propose a system which composed of potentially hundreds sensor nodes or thousands of autonomous drones. Each drone could equipped with a number of different sensors. The use of numerous nodes or drones introduces redundancy in the system, which  decreases the impact of hardware declines and has the potential to improve operational efficiency by admitting a wider area to be covered simultaneously. On the other hand, automating such missions greatly minimizes the maintenance cost while increasing scalability and availability. The behaviors of nodes or drones are then combined hierarchically, allowing the overall behavior for a particular mission to be quickly configured and tested in simulation. The goals of this research is to developing a new mechanism which enable swarm intelligence of nodes or drones to operate as a robust wireless sensor network (WSN) for maritime environment monitoring.
Keywords: Maritime, Swarm Intelligence, Sensor, WSN

Soutenance HDR de mon ami

November 29, 2017

L’Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR) est un diplôme national de l’enseignement supérieur qu’il est possible d’obtenir après un doctorat. Il permet de postuler à un poste de professeur des universités après inscription sur la liste de qualification par le Conseil national des universités, d’être directeur de thèse ou choisi comme rapporteur de thèse. (more…)

Odoo : Premiers Paramétrages

November 9, 2017

Nous allons installer notre premier module. Assurez vous d’avoir une connexion internet car les modules seront téléchargés.

Je vous conseille de commencer par la comptabilité, même si vous ne comptez pas utiliser Odoo pour faire votre compta. Cela nous permettra de poser nos valises et d’aller plus loin dans les premiers paramétrages du système. Et puis sans compta, il n’y aurait pas de société !  (more…)

Parlez-vous francais?

March 25, 2012

Mulai pertengahan bulan Maret 2012, saya mengikuti kursus bahasa Prancis secara intensif di CCF (Center Culture French). 

Sebenarnya banyak situs penyedia layanan belajar on-line bahasa Prancis. Namun tetap saja belajar bersama lebih baik dibanding belajar sendiri. Karena bagi pemula pasti akan kesulitan menghadapi beberapa hal, terutama masalah pronoun (pengucapan). Berikut beberapa situs yang mungkin bisa membantu teman-teman yang mau belajar bahasa Prancis secara on-line :