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April 12, 2016


Tinggal di negara Perancis tidak pernah terpintas sedikit pun dalam ‘dreams book‘ saya. Sewaktu saya masih duduk dibangku sekolah menengah pertama (SMP) di bilangan Jakarta Pusat, pertama kalinya terbesit dalam benak pikiran saya “oh, enak sekali yah, bisa sekolah dan bekerja di Jerman atau di luar negeri”. Ketika itu ada salah seorang alumni SMP yang datang dan berbagi pengalaman tentang sekolah di Jerman. Sehingga mulai muncul sebuah titik kecil dan mulai saya tulis dalam “dreams book” saya, suatu hari nanti saya ingin sekolah di Jerman.    (more…)

Sekelumit wawancara tentang hidup dan studi di Perancis

September 24, 2014

Beberapa minggu lalu saya mendapat email dari seseorang yang sedang mengembangkan startup tentang kuliah di luar negeri. Berikut saya sampaikan sekelumit wawancara tentang hidup dan studi di negeri Napoleon Bonaparte. (more…)

Energy Consumption Analysis of AODV-UI Hybrid Routing Protocol under Various Mobility Models

December 26, 2011

This is our first draft joint research paper that we submitted to Networking 2012, The International Conference on Networking. This joint research is involved 2 universities, Universitas Indonesia and Universite de Haute Alsace-France. We hope that this paper could represent both universities in the conference.

Abstract – Mobile ad hoc networks (Manets) are characterized by mobile with portable and limited power sources. For more than one decade, Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol becomes attention and research focus on MANET widely. A lot of protocols proposed to improve and optimize AODV performance. Yet, many of those do not consider the needs of node accessing Internet via infrastructure network. In this paper, we proposed a optimize hybrid routing protocol based on AODV routing protocol, called AODV-UI. Our proposed protocol combines two mechanism such as gateway mode and reverse route mechanism with the aim to improve the performance of the hybrid protocol. We performed some evaluation of energy consumption calculation in our proposed hybrid protocol under various mobility models. We used random waypoint mobility models and reference point group mobility models with different speed and different number of source node to evaluate our protocol. The simulation result shows that our proposed protocol performance is lower in terms of energy consumption for random waypoint movement compare to the reference point group mobility model.

Keywords: Energy, gateway mode, mobility model, reverse route mechanism.

Visit to UHA-Colmar, France

November 9, 2011

These are some pictures of my journey when we had visiting  our research partner at Universite de Haute-Alsace (UHA) at Colmar, France on 8-9 Nov 2011.

Just sharing a little story about Colmar, France. Colmar is a small town in highland of east France. It’s about 500 KM from Paris, or 3.5 hours by TGV. When I was there, the temperature was around 15 Celcius at day and 8 Celcius at night. Because this November is winter time in Europe.

The meeting was attended by Prof Bagio Budiradjo (UI), Prof Pascal Lorenz (UHA), Dr. Abdulhafids (UHA), Harris Simaremare (Co-tutelle student) and me. We also visited labs & facilities campus at UHA.

When we visited labs, we accompanied by Mr. Amin (PhD Student UHA). He is very helpful.