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Flashing my smartphone

April 16, 2016


These last few days, my smartphone has some serious problems. So I decided to reinstall and upgrade the Android system by rooting the device. 😀

After browsing and reading from forums, here are the steps that I did.
I put my device in fastboot mode (power off, then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously).
On my desktop, in my case I used Ubuntu, open a terminal, and go to the directory where I installed the Android SDK tools (or make sure ‘fastboot’ is in your $PATH). (more…)


Porting & Instalasi Android Pada Devkit8000

January 20, 2012

Porting & instalasi Android pada board Devkit8000 adalah sebuah tantangan yang menyenangkan. Berikut saya ‘share’ sedikit pengalaman saya ketika poritng & install Android pada Devkit8000.


Yamaha Majesty

December 5, 2010

Since I saw this scooter (Maxi Scooter), I really like it. If you wanna know about this scooter, you can visit this link.