Compatibillity Issues between AODV-UU, AODV+, and R-AODV on NS-2

For 2 weeks, I’ve been under pressure to finish my research project. Today, I’m trying to compile AODV-UU, R-AODV and AODV+ in NS-2.

About 3 weeks ago, I was installing NS-2.34 successfully on Ubuntu 9.04. But when I tried to patch AODV-UU-0.9.6 to NS-2.34 failed!!! Then I knew that AODV-UU-0.9.6 patch only available till NS-2.32.
On the other sides, R-AODV (according to Elmurod) running well on NS-2.34. But till now, I’m not succesfull to install it. And the latest AODV+ support for NS-2.27 – NS-2.33.

Another incompatibility issues is kernel headers, libraries, dependencies and compilers.

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12 Responses to “Compatibillity Issues between AODV-UU, AODV+, and R-AODV on NS-2”

  1. mughal Says:

    a very appreciatable effort done by u.
    dear syarif i have my final year project inwhich i have to install aodv on kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6.
    i have installed fedora 14 and NS-2.34 for this purpose, is there any compatiiblility issue for these with aodv?
    if yes then what kind of changes are required?


    • abdusyarif Says:

      As far as I know, I think Fedora doesn’t have any significant problem with NS-2 and AODV. Another compatibility issues between Fedora (Red had family) and Ubuntu (Debian family) is the kernel environment, libraries, and compiler tools.


  2. mughal Says:

    Thanks Dear!

    plz guide me that is it possible to change the kernel from 2.6 to 2.4?
    as kernel 2.6 is default in fedora 14 but i want to install kernel 2.4 on it.
    is it possible if yes then how?
    should i uninstall the previous kernel for this?


    • abdusyarif Says:

      It means you need to downgrade the kernel from 2.6 to 2.4? My suggestion, you can install another Fedora with kernel 2.4 (such as Fedora 6). So, you have 2 Fedora side-by-side. I’m afraid if you downgrade the kernel, your Fedora 14 will be crash.


  3. mughal Says:

    dear is it any version of ubuntu that contains default kernel 2.4?


  4. abdusyarif Says:

    Ubuntu doesn’t provide kernel 2.4.


  5. mughal Says:

    thanks dear…
    is it possible to install kernel 2.4 on ubuntu or fedora? or any other fedora or OS that has default kernel 2.4?

    i am confused to find this…


  6. abdusyarif Says:

    I’m not sure. I think you’d be better install Debian with kernel 2.4.


  7. dilbar Says:


    Dear syarif , is it possible to install NS 2.34 in any OS having kernel 2.4 like “Fedora core 1” or “Linux redhat 9”?


  8. Ali Says:

    I have downloaded the source code, tcl script of AODV+. Does any one got analysing tool/script (e.g. awk) for simulation output file (.tr) ?



  9. URL Says:

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